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Hence the discrepancy is attributed to separation, which does not appear surprising in view of the geometry, although in nonsteady flow it would be expected to be less severe than for the steady condition. Wilson et al. (1976) present pictures from a film of smoke-flow visualization of a Savonius rotor (attributed to Edgewood Arsenal) and discuss the phenomena. It should be noted, however, that the rotor has a central gap between semicircular blades of approximately one-third of a diameter and it would appear that flow through this gap might change the pattern significantly from that of a continuous S vane.

G. Shepherd rotation. This distinguishes types of crosswind rotor, examples being one of low C, like the Darrieus rotor, and one of high C, like the Savonius rotor. 554 mentioned above. For high values of chordal ratio C, for which the Savonius rotor is modeled as an example, the situation is very different and the analysis becomes more complex and requires more assumptions of greater significance. ) Three potential functions are used to represent the perturbations due to (1) the normal flow perpendicular to a flat plate, (2) the flow parallel to a cambered plate, and (3) the flow due to a flat plate rotating about its midpoint, making up the elements of flow in an S rotor.

34. Wind energy density map of the United States. ) 50 D. G. Shepherd ness areas or regions of sparse population where meteorological records are unimportant or impractical. Because the specific site is so important and the period required for detailed information is so long, increasing attention has been paid in recent years to statistical analysis applied to prediction from a minimum of input. Only accumulated experience will prove the accuracy of such methods, but to accomplish the widespread use of wind power necessitates some short cuts in site selection.

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