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Self-manage digestive problems via nutritional choices

Suffering from a gastrointestinal disorder-whether it is irritable bowel syndrome, fuel, constipation, heartburn, or one other condition-can be embarrassing and debilitating. whereas clinical remedies and prescriptions can provide reduction, the most vital methods you could support your self is to settle on the suitable meals to eat.

Backed via the yankee Dietetic organization, this basic consultant indicates you the way to research your consuming behavior that you should map out a nutritional plan to regulate and decrease the uncomfortable indicators of digestive problems. you will discover sensible suggestions for imposing alterations on your way of life and recommendation on steerage away from universal nutritional error. Your food might be pleasing and nourishing experiences-not painful ones-when you find tips to make the simplest and so much cozy nutrients offerings so that you can embark at the highway to digestive future health.

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Qxd 11/19/02 2:59 PM Page 25 S U RV I VA L S K I L L S F O R S E L F - M A N A G I N G YO U R D I G E S T I V E C O N D I T I O N 25 It also helps if after meals you sit, relax, and give yourself a chance to enjoy what you have eaten. If you are experiencing some discomfort after eating, try resting a hot water bottle, wrapped in a towel, on your abdominal area. Try not to sit down to a meal when you are pressed for time; you won’t enjoy your food, and may have more symptoms. If you need to dash out the door to a meeting, or to take a child to sports practice, put the meal on hold.

This, however, may lead to worsening of the inflammation and symptoms. qxd 11/19/02 3:03 PM Page 56 56 AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION GUIDE TO BETTER DIGESTION There are also several nutrition habits that people indulge in that only serve to worsen the symptoms of GERD: • • • • • • • • Skipping meals, then eating a lot at the next meal Eating the majority of calories late at night Eating too quickly Eating while rushed Eating a lot of high-fat foods Using a lot of peppermint candy or gum Consuming too much coffee or alcohol Carrying extra weight Excess weight can be a major contributor to indigestion because of the increased pressure on the stomach and the diaphragm, a muscle that separates the chest and abdomen.

SYMPTOMS OF GERD • Heartburn • Acid reflux • Difficulty swallowing (due to a narrowing of the esophagus as a result of inflammation) • Chest pain (often worse after a heavy meal or at night) • Chronic cough (caused by stomach acid regurgitating into the lungs) • Hoarseness (due to acid reflux and inflammation) • Blood in the stool or vomit (due to inflammation of the lining of the esophagus or to an esophageal ulcer) DIAGNOSIS There are several medical tests that can be done to diagnose GERD. If you are having symptoms, it is important to see your doctor, who may recommend one or more of the following tests: upper endoscopy, upper gastrointestinal X ray, or acid (pH) probe test.

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