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Built for an introductory direction in mathematical research at MIT, this article makes a speciality of techniques, rules, and strategies. The introductions to actual and intricate research are heavily formulated, they usually represent a usual creation to advanced functionality concept. Supplementary fabric and workouts look in the course of the textual content. 1975 version.

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Given E > 0, we can find an N such that Therefore, x-EN. x-EN. It should now be clear that x=liman =limbs. n n Now, suppose that we are given a sequence [xn} with lim inf xn = lim sup xn. Let x = lira an = lim bn and let us show that xn converges to x. Let E > 0. There exist positive integers M, N such that x-EM n>N. Convergence Criteria Sec. 2 From the definitions of an and bn, we then have n>M n > N. X -- E max(M,N).

2) Mathematicians have retained the mystical terminology of "complex" and "real" and "imaginary" numbers; however, the terms are not now intended to suggest anything about reality or the absence thereof. We list some properties which characterize the complex number system. Let C be the set of complex numbers. 1. 1. 2. C contains R as a subfield. 20 Numbers and Geometry Chap. 1 3. There is an element i E C such that i2 = -1. 4. If a subfield of C contains R and i, then that subfield is (all of) C.

Let A be a square matrix. Look at the sequence of its powers. Show that if An converges to B. then AB = B. Give an example where the sequence [An} does not converge, yet I An I remains bounded. 9. Let z be a complex number. Prove that the sequence Zn n! is bounded. From the fact that it is bounded, show that it converges to 0. From this fact prove that, if E > 0, there is a constant K such that n! KEn for all except a finite number of n's. 10. Let S be a (linear) subspace of Rm. If X is a vector in Rm, let P(X) be the orthogonal projection of X onto the subspace S.

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