ASPEN Stair Mill 4000

  • For those who are serious about losing weight and burning more calories in less time, step climbing offers a great way to achieve those goals by enabling versatile indoor fitness programs. As well as the obvious cardiovascular benefits, step climbing also :
    – Gives a great low impact, high cardio, calorie burn workout
    – Uses more muscle groups than treadmill work
    – Gives a larger range of movement than other exercise machines
    – Improves joint flexibility and joint nutrition
    – Improves trunk (core) stability
    – Improves balance and coordination
  • Stairmill climbing is also considerably more beneficial than forms of step up – step down exercise, as it greatly reduces stress on the joints, especially knees. The joint loading in stepping down is approximately 2 1/2 times that in stepping up.
  • Low impact, non jarring cardio-respiratory workout
  • Increased oxygen intake and muscle strength
  • Improved bone density
  • Maximum Speed: 120 steps per minute
  • User-controlled variable pace to suit all levels of fitness
  • Electromagnetic braking system (no motor)
  • Highly reliable step lock system with sensor/reflector
  • Computer control system
  • Contact heart rate monitor
  • Tracks time, distance in floors, and speed in steps per min.
  • Minimum ceiling height: 96” (8 feet)
  • Size: 44” L x 26” W x 68” H
  • Weight: 222 lb.


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